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San Ramon, CA


Junior Development Class (all levels except Future Slammers, Ranked Juniors and Tournament Training programs)..2 day minimum attendance

Monday-Friday: 6-8PM

Saturday/Sunday: 12-2PM

Ranked Juniors (must be USTA ranked minimum top 100 in Nor Cal.. tryout required). Two day minimum attendance

Monday-Friday: 330-630 p.m.

Tournament Training 12 and Unders (tryout required..must be competing in USTA tournaments) .Two day minimum attendance


Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 330-630 p.m.


Under 10 Tournament Training (tryout required):


Tuesday/Thursday: 5-6:30PM

Future Slammers  (entry level 4-7 year olds).  2 day minimum attendance


Tuesday/Thursday: 5-6 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: 9-10 a.m.

Junior Aces: Program is designed for entry level 8-12 year olds

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 4-6PM

Saturday/Sunday: 10AM-12PM

ClubSport San Ramon offers over 80 thousand square feet of fitness facilities, including 8 full-lit tennis courts, a year-round heated pool, indoor racquetball and squash and much more. 

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