Tournament Registration Information

  1. USTA Membership
    • A USTA membership is required for access to USTA sanctioned tournaments.
    • Join the USTA at, click on “Join USTA” or by calling 1-800-990-8782
  2. Register for a tournament
    • All USTA sanctioned tournaments are found in TennisLink. To begin your search for junior tournament located in the Northern California follow these steps.
    • Go to
    • Under “National/Section/District”, select No. California – Northern California
    • Enter a Keyword such as a tournament level listed below, i.e., Novice, Challenger, etc.
    • Refine your search to tournaments with start dates in a particular month or city
    • Use the “Currently Registering” Shortcut option to find all tournaments whose entry close date is within a 2-week period.
  3. NorCal Tournament Level
    • 10 and under Age Division – Orange Ball Beginner Tournament
    • Played on a 60’ foot court with stage 2 Orange ball
    • 12 and Under Age Division – Green Ball Beginner Tournament
    • Played on a full sized 78’ foot court with stage 3 Green dot ball
    • 12, 14, 16, and 18 Age Division
    • Challenger Level
    • Introductory and recreational competition
    • Open, Coed Round Robin & Sectional Open Jamboree Level
    • Intermediate competition
    • Super Series Level
    • Advanced Competition; selection based on rankings
    • Excellence Level
    • Advanced Competition; counts towards national ranking
    • Sectional Level
    • Highest tier of competition for advanced and national players; counts towards national ranking
    • Year End Masters
    • Elite competition for the top NorCal players in each age division
  4. National Tournament Level
    • Level 4:
    • Norcal Excellence level tournament
    • Level 3:
    • National Opens and NorCal Sectional level tournament
    • Level 2:
    • National Opens and Zone Team Championships
    • Level 1:
    • National Spring Championships, National Indoor Championships, National Clay Court Championships, The USTA National Championships, National Winter Championships
  5. At The Tournament
    • Check In
    • When you arrive at the tournament you should first locate the tournament desk. Unless otherwise instructed, you will need to check in at the tournament desk at least 15 minutes prior to your start time. Your match will be called; you will meet your opponent, receive balls and instructions, and be sent to play when a court is available.
    • During the match
    • When you and your opponent are sent to your assigned court, you will have a five minute warm-up.
    • Be sure to call the score clearly before every point as this will eliminate any confusion. Use scorecards if they are provided.
    • If you and your opponent are having problems, such as you can’t agree on the score or you believe your opponent is not calling lines fairly, a player may request assistance during a match from the tournament referee.
    • After the match
    • After a match is completed, you should not leave the grounds without obtaining your next playing time. Although it is the responsibility of the winner to report the score, both players should make sure it was reported correctly. Please note that many tournaments have consolation rounds in singles, so even if you lost you may play again. Check the draw sheet and if you have any questions about the start time, consult with the tournament desk.
  6. Before the Tournament
    • Check Your Bag
    • Players should have the following:
    • Two or more of the same rackets
    • A towel to wipe off sweat
    • A water bottle filled with water
    • Sports drink - Gatorade, Powerade, etc.
    • Nutritional snack - bananas, Clif bars, Protein Bars, etc.
    • Players should warm up for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
    • Dynamic Stretching
    • Jump Rope to increase the heart rate
    • Hit all shots - forehands, backhands, volley, overheads, serves.